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The School Of Client Attraction

Dec 26, 2022

One second you're trending on TikTok, the next your videos have less than 100 views. That is the life cycle of organic traffic.

And it gets worse when you have done all the tricks, yet the views are not coming your way. 

But what if there's a way to deal with the algorithms and become their master instead of being...

Dec 19, 2022

Building a coaching business requires more than monetizing your knowledge. 

Because if all it took was monetizing your knowledge, you’d be rich by now.

Aside from structuring your knowledge into digestible materials for your clients, you need traffic, sales and many more.

Which takes time to master and could cost...

Dec 12, 2022

Education is nothing without execution. And for you to see any worthwhile result at something, you need to execute. 

So how do you get rid of lack of execution to have your desired result?

In this episode, Christy Rutherford reveals how she could overcome a lack of execution, so you can build wealth at a...

Dec 5, 2022

In a world where everyone is trying to learn new things, there is an immense demand for more creators. 

But is it enough to just create a course? Certainly not.

Many creators think they can easily put together some info and the cash would start coming their way. 

But that's not enough in this cut-throat...

Nov 28, 2022

Do you think we're in a recession?

Whether true or false, the entire world thinks we are, forcing themselves to live on a tighter budget.

And what does this mean? Less spending & diminishing revenue for brands. 

Despite this, financial crises also present money-making opportunities. In fact, we doubled our revenue...