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The School Of Client Attraction

Apr 26, 2021

When it comes to writing an offer, you want the words that sell. And you don’t need to waste your nights drafting bad copy to try and get clients.

Using a call-to-action that gets people to understand your offer is how they buy the offer. If they don’t know what you’re selling, they won’t buy. 

In this episode,...

Apr 19, 2021

If you want to get paid like a pro for speaking gigs, you’ve got to know how to sell to your audience. And while stage presence is important, the value you provide is what attracts lifelong clients. 

In this episode, you’ll discover what speaking pros say for the most money on stage and how your words attract dream...

Apr 12, 2021

Most entrepreneurs are creating content and marketing online without really understanding who they’re trying to targeting. Then they end up with ‘business burnout’ and no clients to show for it. 

Understanding the online world is the easiest way to profit (if you know how to do it correctly). 

In this episode,...

Apr 5, 2021

You might hear the famous phrase ‘Charge your worth’ but that’s dead wrong in the entrepreneurial world. 

In fact, you’d be undercharging what you have to offer in the first place.

So how do you price products or services without selling yourself short?

In this episode, you’ll discoverlearn the true value of...